We are happy you want to learn more about how Zigloa can streamline your food labelling process and increase business efficiency. Don’t waste precious man-hours struggling to troll through diverse and complicated parts of the code. At Zigloa we have brought these together in a seamless logical process to ensure that you know the ins and outs of the code related to your product so you can make a decision about its compliance. 

Our Freemium version has limited and selective parts of the review process for you to try. You will not be able to conduct a full review of any product. The purpose of this version is to allow you to test the function of Zigloa and see how helpful it can be. 

Take what you have learnt from this trial but imagine it going through the long and tricky part of the codes like Additives, or Claims. 

If you have any feedback on our freemium version please don’t hesitate to get in touch