The Zigloa Tools

Discover & Detect

Part of Start-up, Growth, and The Workz plans

This tool takes the form of decision trees that lead you through all aspects of the food labelling regulations and highlights the rules for each aspect. It will help to identify aspects that you have wrong and also acts as a learning tool when developing a new product. 

Discover & Detect doesn’t allow you to conduct a formal label review as there is no reporting functionality but is useful for anyone wanting to explore the regs in an easy to follow format.

Create & Check 

Part of The Workz plan

This tool is designed for businesses wanting to produce label copy for a graphic designer β€” either internal or external. As users go through a form to create the label copy, a PDF report will be automatically created showing detail to go on the label. 

The data for the label can be entered by either marketing or technical/regulatory teams and can be set up so multiple people must review the data before the report is finalised.

Review & Report 

Part of Growth and The Workz plans

This tool is designed for anyone wanting to conduct a full label compliance review. Users will be guided through a form where they consider each aspect of the regulations and record if each aspect is compliant.

At any time the user can view a PDF report (example report) that automatically formats and displays data entered, including comments about how to change the label for compliance. The report can be used as your compliance record for auditing purposes.

Zigloa One-Off Services

Query & Quiz

We understand businesses want to ensure that their employees are skilled in the diverse parts of the food labelling regulations. Allow users to self-train and identify areas of the rules and regulations that they need help in (this can be done as part of or separate to Serenity Package).

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Serenity Package

We come on-site with an expert labelling consultant to up-skill and train staff, using Zigloa as a tool. This option has proven very popular as a way to develop a standardised internal system and introduce Zigloa to a business. Ongoing use of Zigloa afterwards is a popular choice.

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Food Tech Double-Check

An extra, professional touch for our users that want the security of having a food tech review their label report. Following your Zigloa label review – McFoodies (New Zealand or Food Labelling Matters (Australia) will do an additional compliance check giving you peace of mind at a significantly reduced cost.

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πŸ‘‹ We’re new and improving

We are constantly improving our platform. Feedback from our customers was that even though they loved our first platform, they found the reporting process too labour-intensive. So, we sought a new way to make this process even faster. And we did!

As this is a new version, you may run into parts that are not functioning as we imagined. Please let us know and bear with us as we fix things and continuously improve the platform.