Streamline your compliance review against applicable regulations

Remove the stress and avoid risk of reviewing food products composition and label compliance information

Discover a modern compliance review with Zigloa

Gone are the ad hoc time-consuming paper-based methods, expensive external reviewing, and error-prone memory checks. Zigloa is a customised decision tree app that makes compliance checking a breeze.

By making the food regulations logical and bringing diverse sections of the standards together, the whole process is more straightforward.

Use Zigloa as you’re developing your product to make sure you’ll achieve the targets you are aiming for, and again at the end of the process to ensure that you have achieved compliance.

Keep your Zigloa account active to ensure that you can conduct the required annual compliance review and use the Zigloa report as evidence for your food safety control plan.

A simpler workflow

Zigloa was designed to make your food label compliance workflow a breeze

Save time

Zigloa creates a report you can show to verifiers and retailers to demonstrate a review against all the requirements.

Create a more time-efficient method for your annual compliance review with Zigloa.

Reduce mistakes

Remove doubt and the chance of missing obtuse aspects of the regulations that apply to your product.

Use Zigloa during development to avoid the cost of making a non-compliant product and again at the end to ensure you haven’t missed a step.

Minimise risk

All parts of the food standards code are checked to ensure that you don’t lose critical sub-components that will be costly to fix later.

Ensure you check your product is compliant to avoid the minimum five-figure+ recall process by using Zigloa to guide you through the review.

What people say

Smart Companies use Zigloa to improve their business efficiency and food labelling processes

We’d happily recommend Zigloa, to any food producer looking for an easy, cost-effective and reliable report when developing their packaging.”


Sue Wheeler

Category Quality Manager for Food

Really useful. We love that it takes us directly to applicable parts of the code, relevant to the product we are reviewing. Rather than having to waste a lot of time doing the needed research.”


Jenypher Tubo

Quality Coordinator

We really enjoyed having onsite training at our facility, with multiple staff able to join. With all our products and labels on hand, we could update and review what we wanted easily.


Leigh Alsop

Compliance Manager

Start today and discover a better way to achieve food labelling compliance

No more sleepless nights worrying you’ve missed a component as the product gets ever closer to reaching consumers. Use Zigloa and get a good night’s sleep!